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When building a Web site, designing interactive work, or developing an application interface, we strive to make the final product effective, as well as attractive. We can take branding to a new level by incorporating your company's identity into computer based products and presentations. Developing a good look-and-feel is one part of the process, but we go further by addressing the issues involved in cross-platform delivery and localization.

From the desktop to the Internet, we employ designers and engineers who are experienced in many interactive technologies, including HTML, Javascript, Flash, and scripted application development. Using these technologies, we have developed rich multimedia CD-ROMs, Web sites and interactive software that span as many as 15 languages. We can prototype your company's next application, and in some cases, design and build the actual executable for delivery to your customers.

After defining the delivery medium and selecting the most appropriate technology, we'll also want to know the makeup of your target audience: How knowledgeable are they about your product and its competitors? What kind of system configuration can we expect from your baseline user? Do we need to be concerned about color depth, processor speed, installed technologies? It is our attention to issues such as these, combined with technical savvy and ability to deliver in multiple languages, that enables DDR Global to produce a product which more effectively reaches and moves your audience.

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A one-stop shop for creative, targeted, multicultural solutions.

Imagine a single point of contact for project management, creative adaptation and translation, advertising, marketing, design, and audio engineering. Now discover how DDR Global can simplify your next global business initiative.

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