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Multicultural Consulting
You need a Russian linguist with an understanding of marketing fundamentals and the healthcare industry.  You're branding a new Web site and want input from experts in Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.  You are targeting the Hispanic market and are concerned about the nuanced and idiomatic expressions in your advertising copy.  Whatever linguistic and cultural expertise your project requires, DDR Global will put together the right team to get the job done.

We're also adept at conducting research, leading focus groups, developing surveys, and writing reports.  Give us your project specifications and we’ll do the heavy lifting to get you the information you need when you need it.

Cultural Adaptation
Your general market creative content is complete, but you’ve now decided to target the Asian market.  Why start from scratch when DDR Global can adapt your general market content to resonate among the Asian community--in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese, or other Asian languages?

We’ll evaluate your content and provide feedback on its cultural acceptability.  We’ll then adapt the content, color, and imagery to suit the desired market segment.  Your content is evaluated by multiple regional representatives to ensure the most comprehensive and appropriate solutions.  It is then put back through translation into English (back translation) and analyzed to pinpoint areas for improvement.  Our language experts craft the final product to ensure that it stays on-message while effectively communicating with your target audience.

Human Translation
We use human translators, editors, and proofreaders to provide polished, targeted translations when nuanced and idiomatic expressions are important.  Our translators tackle marketing communications, corporate communications, creative copy, industry jargon, and other collateral materials.  They are typically certified by one or more industry associations such as American Translators Association, Institute of Translating and Interpreting, Institute of Linguists, and others.  To become certified by an association, a translator sits for a translation test, where he or she translates sample texts in one direction such as Spanish into English, covering a broad range of subjects.  Members of the association judge translation accuracy and subject matter expertise and either award or deny certification in that particular language direction.

While certification can be subjective, it is a necessary step toward creating a standard by which translators are measured.  Our evaluation process uses certification as the first measure of qualification to work for DDR Global, but we also assess subject matter expertise, industry experience, technology capabilities, speed, consistency, and adherence to deadlines.  Our experience in vetting translators for over ten years has enabled us to select the most qualified personnel.

Machine Translation
These software applications provide a basic, information-only translation.  They are useful for deciphering simple business correspondence or e-mail and can be a cost-effective approach if precise language is not necessary.

XML OR HTML? ASP, XLS, XLIFF?  Regardless of the content format and content-management system you use, translatable content must be identified, content must be translated, and code must be preserved for the foreign language version of your Web site to work.

Contextual translation through CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) is utilized to ensure that foreign-language content is Web-appropriate and consistent, and can be leveraged when content is updated.  Our CAT tools and localization processes are designed with your content specifications in mind to provide a cost-effective solution to your localization requirements.

Typically used during business conferences with foreign attendees, in hospital settings, or at legal depositions in the court room, our interpretation service is available to you wherever and whenever you need it.  Similar to our translator evaluation process, our interpreter evaluation process starts with certification and proceeds with evaluating subject matter expertise, industry experience, consistency, and adherence to schedules.

Our interpreters are located all over the world.  You are guaranteed to have a qualified interpreter available for your particular needs.  We also provide OPI (Over the Phone Interpretation).

Image Research
DDR Global will manage the research, purchase, and navigation of rights-managed and royalty-free imagery for your brochure or Web content.  We’ll search through hundreds of stock images to determine the right look and feel for your materials.  We always provide several different replacement options for each image.  We’ll even handle the RGB to CMYK color correction process and work with your printer to ensure that final print collateral meets your Art Director’s exacting standards.

Desktop Publishing (Page Layout)
Your tri-fold brochure created in Adobe InDesign needs to be translated into Spanish and reformatted.  Since word counts typically expand by approximately 20 percent when text is translated from English into Spanish, adjustments to text and graphics are necessary so that the final output fits in the allotted space and adheres to your style guidelines.

Sometimes copy must be cut to permit the expanded language to fit into the original spread. Other times, the color scheme or imagery appearing in your general-market brochure won’t work for your targeted, foreign language-speaking markets.  Our multicultural consultants will analyze your materials to determine if modifications are required and will provide alternate design suggestions and images if necessary.

DDR Translation Management SolutionSM
DDR Global can help you deploy human resources and software to streamline your translation and localization processes.  We have developed processes and operational systems for leading players in the language-services space and we can help you navigate the selection of a translation vendor as well as help centralize and efficiently manage your translation outsourcing.  We can teach you how to utilize tools to leverage your translations, minimize your costs, and maximize your return on investment.

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