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Voice Over/Subtitling
You’re probably accustomed to doling out portions of your multicultural commercial spots to different vendors based on their respective areas of expertise: copy goes to creative agency, translation goes to translation agency, casting goes to casting agency, musical composition goes to composer, and recording goes to sound studio.

Can you envision using one source to handle your next voiceover assignment from beginning to end? At DDR Global, we’ll manage your project from creative inception to talent casting, union paperwork and paymaster, bilingual supervision, studio recording, editing, ISDN connection, and final media distribution. All of a sudden, it takes just one phone call to order and approve your next commercial radio or television spot.

Music Production
Our producers have worked with some of the most acclaimed musicians in the recording industry: Marc Antony, Kenny G, Savage Garden, Luce, and others. We compose in all styles and genres, and customize your music to fit the unique requirements of your project.

Sound Design
We design original, imaginative sounds and also have access to a library with more than 10,000 unique sounds. Utilize our sound design service to add signature audio to your toys, handheld devices, interactive Web site content, or other products.

We specialize in programming and product design needs such as concatenation, multi-language, and intelligibility at low sample rates and bit depths. Our knowledge in chip specifications ensures proper audio encoding. And our experienced mixing engineers ensure consistency from product to product. During all phases of your project, we keep the lines of communication between creative production and engineering open to ensure product quality.

At DDR Global, we strive to make your product sound its best.

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A one-stop shop for creative, targeted, multicultural solutions.

Imagine a single point of contact for project management, creative adaptation and translation, advertising, marketing, design, and audio engineering. Now discover how DDR Global can simplify your next global business initiative.

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