NEW JERSEY, Montclair, November 4, 2005 DDR Global, LLC, a leading provider of innovative multicultural marketing, advertising, and translation solutions to corporations worldwide, today formalized an ongoing commitment to provide pro bono cultural consulting and multi-language translation services to the Chicago-based organization, New Bridge International Learning Center.

New Bridge International Learning Center (NBILC) is a non-profit (501c3) organization that builds bridges between the people of China and the United States through sharing and participating in educational and cultural exchange activities to further literacy and cultural understanding.

DDR Global will translate NBILC’s press releases into Spanish and Chinese, will translate correspondence from and into Chinese, will develop multicultural collateral to promote the organization, and will volunteer members of its company to teach TESL in China in the upcoming year.

In conjunction with this philanthropic initiative, DDR Global’s founder and CEO, Jay Rossi, joined NBILC’s Board of Directors, and will contribute to the organization’s development efforts.

“Volunteering our services to NBILC is just one small step that we can take to facilitate cross-cultural education and understanding between the U.S. and China. At DDR Global, we pride ourselves on thinking globally and acting locally, and donating our time and resources to help our friends at NBILC fulfill their mission, as well as impact the lives of children on two continents, is a very worthy cause,” said Rossi.

Robin Bruscato, President and Executive Director of NBILC, indicated the organization has witnessed significant growth by inviting outside organizations to get involved in their programs. “We’ve been successful at establishing partnerships with diverse organizations, and we are delighted to call DDR Global our multicultural communications partner.”

Rossi added, “Community and Philanthropy are two of our Core Values. When there’s an opportunity to make good on our commitment to foster community development and share our expertise, we’ll seize it.”

About DDR Global
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About New Bridge International Learning Center
New Bridge International Learning Center (NBILC) is an Illinois not-for-profit 501c3 LLC, organized out of an expressed need by various educational institutions to provide a bridge or connecting activities between the United States and China. Its mission is to develop, implement and support educational and cultural exchange programs for children in China and the U.S. Its programs provide resources and professional development to teachers, educational and cultural activities to elementary and high school students, and work experience for university and college students. More specifically, its programs include volunteer teaching and assisting teaching English as a second language in China, Chinese-English teacher mentor programs, teaching Chinese language to Americans, pen pal programs, sending reading texts and resource books abroad, and cultural exchange activities such as learning the Chinese martial arts of Wushu and Tai Chi. For more information about New Bridge International Learning Center, visit the NBILC Web site at, or e-mail