NEW JERSEY, Montclair, May 1, 2005 DDR Global, LLC today announced it has established strategic partnerships with Green Tea, Tactile Media, and Adam Rossi Audio (ARA) to offer end-to-end multicultural marketing and advertising services as part of the DDR Global family of agencies. “We’re delighted to welcome Green Tea, Tactile Media, and ARA into our agency family. By unifying our collective talent, know-how, and client experience under the DDR Global umbrella, we’ve established an unparalleled breadth of service capabilities in the multicultural marketing, advertising, and communications space,” said DDR Global founder and CEO, Jay Rossi. DDR Global’s headquarters are located in New Jersey. Green Tea Group, Tactile Media, and ARA are headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. “We’ve not only augmented our multicultural specialization across multiple media channels, but we’ve also gained a valuable time zone that will help bolster our 24/7 availability,” added Rossi.

About DDR Global
DDR Global partners with companies looking to globalize. Offering comprehensive, end-to-end services including foreign language communications, strategy, international advertising, ethnic marketing, Web design, and workflow consultation, DDR Global’s mission is to facilitate its clients’ ability to conduct business in the global marketplace. DDR Global provides multicultural solutions to corporations including Apptera, Arnold Worldwide, Everlast Worldwide, Grey Global Group, Humana, iMed Studios, and WMS Gaming, among others. For more information about DDR Global, visit the DDR Global Web site at, or e-mail

About Green Tea
Green Tea, an advertising and design collaborative, is a project-based company specializing in modern visual strategies. It provides identity, collateral, advertising, Web, marketing, and POP/packaging services to Adobe Systems, Claris, Documentum, Eddie Bauer, HP, Marriott, Mitsubishi, Palm, Philips, NEC, and Schwinn, among others. For more information about Green Tea, visit the Green Tea Web site at, or e-mail

About Tactile Media
Tactile Media provides interactive and visual development services, including applications and interactive media, custom interface design, Web development, and graphic design. The studio’s approach to these disciplines is to provide compelling visual solutions that virtually jump off the screen, appearing as if you can reach out and touch them. Tactile media provides development and design services to Apple Computer, Charles Schwab, EMusic, Intuit, Logitech, and Sony among others. For more information about Tactile Media, visit the Tactile Media Web site at, or e-mail

About Adam Rossi Audio
Adam Rossi Audio (ARA) provides a range of audio engineering services including voice over, music production, sound design, and optimization. ARA producers have worked with some of the most acclaimed musicians in the recording industry including Marc Antony, Kenny G, Savage Garden, Luce, and others. ARA composes all musical styles and genres, designs original sounds, and specializes in programming and product design needs such as concatenation, multi-language, and intelligibility at low sample rates and bit depths. For more information about ARA, visit the ARA Web site at, or e-mail